One of the keys to getting traffic to your website is to be social. Get out there and talk to others. Encourage them to come and visit your site, but in an indirect manner. What you won't want to do is to spam people or otherwise push them to visit you. Rather, you want to position yourself as:


An expert in the field

Someone that is fun and cool to talk to

When you do this, chances are good people will want to follow you back to your blog to learn more about whom you are. You want them to click on that link that will bring them to your blog and eventually on to your website. However, how do you create this type of attraction? The first thing you need to do is to get social!

Social bookmarking and social networking has become one of the easiest, most enjoyable parts of the Internet marketer's business. All you need to do is to help others to learn about you, about your blog and even about your website, by putting it all out there.

Social bookmarking is a good place to get the process started. Many fantastic websites you can visit for this. Here is the rundown of how to get social active with your blog through bookmarking websites.

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