How to earn selling text messaging and text contest services

First things first. I want to say thank you for joining us and our efforts to expand our markets.  It is a great opportunity for both of us.  We are looking to grow and service more markets throughout the country.  This gives you the opportunity to help us and earn a nice income in the process.  All in your spare time.  Please watch the video to learn how we sell our services.  Its an easy, no pressure way of selling.  You can use whatever skills you have or try the way we do it.  Whichever way you are comfortable speaking to the necessary people works for us.

Make Money In Your Spare Time

All you will have to do is visit a local business in your area. Speak with the person who can make a decision to sign up their business for this service. That would be the owner or maybe a manager. Show them how the system works. By basically explaining to them how a customer would see a sign telling them to text ENTER (or chosen keyword) to a phone number we will provide. You can have them text TOUR to (219)228-8007 to see for themselves how it works. We will do all the work in setting up the contest. When it is time to draw a winner we will have a manager or employee hit the draw winner button on the control panel which we use to setup the contest. Everything is automated so the winner is drawn randomly by the computer. This provides no opportunity for cheating. The business can then have a big promotion to announce the winner which will draw attention to the business.

2018-service-agreement – Download the service agreement here.