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We provide text messaging services to businesses. We have two unique systems specifically for the real estate and automotive industries. In addition to those unique marketing systems we also provide text messaging contests and basic texting services. Scroll down to view the different services. Thank you choosing us. We look forward to working with you. You can call or text us at (219) 440-4932.


Real Estate

Real estate brokers, agents and companies all know the value of effective marketing. Gone are the days of newspaper ads, homes & lifestyles booklets and printing lists of properties to give to buyers. With the internet and smartphones buyers are able to view available properties on their own. When buyers are driving past a property that they like, they want information on that property immediately. Can you provide that? Most real estate professionals don't. Because they don't know how. Some use leaflet boxes attached to a yard sign but that takes maintaining an inventory of leaflets in the box. What happens when the box becomes empty and an interested buyer drives by? Nothing because there isn't any information available to them immediately. So they move on to another property. If you're lucky they might take down the phone number off the sign and the address. Maybe they actually call to inquire about the property for sale.

So how do you overcome this issue? I'll tell you how. Text message marketing.  What text message marketing does is provide information on any given property immediately. How does it work?  The buyer sends a text message which is the keyword for that property to the phone number we provide. The buyer receives a text message which includes a link to the property website we provide. On the website is a video (virtual tour), property information (bedrooms, bath, square footage and all property information available), pictures of the property as well as three methods to contact the broker/agent. The three methods of contact are phone call, text message and email. All which can be done with a touch of a button. These buttons are built into the website. Allowing ease of contact between the buyer and the agent. This marketing system is being used by real estate professionals, property managers, commercial brokers as well as For Sale By Owners. It works! For more information on this text message marketing system just click the highlighted link.




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Automobile and other vehicle sales are an everyday occurance. From big car lots to the for sale by owner cars, trucks and motorcycles are bought and sold regularly. Most are sold due to buyers driving by a sales lot or driving by a vehicle with a for sale on it. It makes the buyer have to make time during the day to inquire about the vehicle. Whether its making a phone call or stopping at the lot just to get the details on the vehicle they like. But what if its late at night. After business hours when the car lot is closed. Will the buyer call the next day? Will they still feel the same about the vehicle the next day? Will you lose the opportunity to sale that vehicle? What if there is a way to avoid that happening. Well, there is.

Text message marketing will drastically improve your sales. It works like this. Any time of day or night. A buyer drives past your sales lot. The buyer sees a vehicle they like. They notice a keyword sign on the vehicle. It reads TEXT CAR21 to (xxx)xxx-xxxx. The buyers sends a text message with the keyword, which we provide,  to the phone number we provide. The buyer receives a text message which contains a link to the vehicle website. On the website there is a video of the vehicle, all the details of the vehicle, pictures of the vehicle as well as three buttons to contact the dealership or seller. The three buttons which are preprogrammed with the seller's or dealership's phone number to call, text and email. Making contact very easy. Thus greatly improving the odds of selling the vehicle. For more information on this text message marketing system just click the highlighted link.

Text Contest

Are you a business owner/manager? Are you looking for new and exciting ways to draw in new customers? Or are you looking for a fun way to interact with your customers during events? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is for you. This is a simple and inexpensive marketing method that can propel your business to new heights.

How does it work? Its very simple. We set your business up with a text contest system. Which consist of keywords, phone number and an online control panel. You pick the keywords. You can post signs at your business or event to get customers to enter. All they have to do is to text the provided keyword to the provided phone number. When you are ready to pick a winner all you have to do is log into your online control panel and hit the pick a winner button. The computer will pick a winner or winners (dependent upon number of winners allowed chosen on online control panel) from the entries. This prevents any opportunity for cheating or favoritism. Contests can be set up in minutes. For more information on text contests just click this link.

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Basic Text Service

Are you a business owner? Are you looking for text marketing services? Well you are in the right place. We provide a basic text message marketing service that is effective and inexpensive. We provide the keywords, phone numbers and an online control panel. For more information on basic text messaging business service clink this link.

To sign up for our text message service please call or text us at (219) 440-4932 or you can email us at

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