We recycle computers and Ewaste

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Common Cents Consulting LLC is making an effort to help the environment.  We have started to recycle old computers and other electronic waste (E-waste).  Electronic waste can be cellphones, printers, printer cartridges, tvs, computer monitors, computer components, telephone system components and fax machines. These things should not be disposed of in regular trash.  They are harmful to the environment as they break down in landfills.

ewaste in landfills

We have enabled businesses, residents and industries to call us at (219)440-4WEB and schedule a free pickup. We will make sure they are disposed of properly by approved electronic disposal facilities.   So if you are located in the Chicago or Northwest Indiana area then we can pick up your ewaste at no charge.  Whether you have one piece or a truckload we will make arrangements to pick it up at your location.

To schedule a pickup you can call or text us at (219)440-4932 or email us at commoncentsconsultingllc@gmail.com. Thank you for your help in saving the environment.