Make Your Customers VIPs

Your customers should be VIPs. They should be receiving special limited time only deals or special discounts that others don’t. I know they would really appreciate it. They would also frequent your store more than other stores. That would surely boost your sales. Isn’t that what you want? So why aren’t you doing it? Maybe you don’t know how to make it happen. Maybe you think it will be too expensive. Maybe you think it will be too time consuming. Or even too hard to maintain. None of those things are true.

In fact those things are far from the truth. Having a VIP program is simple, inexpensive and doesn’t take much time at all to maintain. Let me show you how it is done. First thing we do for you is setup your texting platform. This is done within 24 hours. Second thing we do is have you provide us with some special deals you would like to offer your customers. Such as a limited time discount for becoming a VIP. Third step is done by you. Have signs and/or posters made to display in your store. The rest is done by us. When you have a special or discount code you want to send to your VIPs you simply email or text us the details and we send it out on your behalf. Your customers will show the discount code or special to your staff to have it honored. It is just that simple. Your staff only has to look at the VIPs phone to see the code and verify that it is valid. How simple is that? And it is an inexpensive way to market. Call or text us for pricing at (219)440-4932. We can have you set up and running your VIP program by tomorrow. Your customers will love you for it. And your sales will grow dramatically. Call or text us now to get you set up.

Bluetooth Marketing

Mobile marketing is a great and inexpensive way to marketing your business or service.  We are constantly coming up with new ways to use mobile technology to market businesses and services to mobile phone users. Mainly because there are so many of them all over the world. Who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays.

Well we have come up with another way to market to smartphones using Bluetooth.  By using Bluetooth beacons businesses, contractors, realtors and others can advertise inexpensively and to potential customers in their close proximity. Without annoying emails that go unopened or even without sending text messages. No signups necessary. If they have a smartphone with Bluetooth function activated then they will receive your message in their notification bar.

Customers near your business, open house or service area will receive a notification on their smartphone while they are in close proximity. Image a realtor having an open house and the beacon sends out notifications about the open house. When people are near the open house they will receive a notification on their phone. Imagine walking through a shopping mall and receiving discount notifications on your phone. Or say you are a contractor working on a remodeling project and you have a beacon sending out notifications about your services. So now people (homeowners and visitors in the area) will receive a notification on their smartphones via Bluetooth about you and your services.

Call, text or email us for more information and prices. We can get you up and running in a short period of time.

Text Real Estate Listings

We are pleased to announced our new service. We have developed a new system for texting your listings to mobile phones. It is a very simple system that everyone can use.

It works using these three simple steps:

  1.  Put your text sign rider on the property.
  2. Buyers text your listing code to the number provided and instantly get property info by text message.
  3. Buyers get instant info via mobile property site.

Try it now! Text the property code to the number above. You’ll see how it works.

For more information visit

WordPress Learning Center Open

It is open just for you. The WordPress Learning Center is now online! Yeah!! WordPress is great for bloggers, businesses and anyone who needs a website that can be updated quickly and easily. No need to pay me to update an HTML webpage when you can use WordPress.

You might say why teach WordPress? You’re going to lose business? Not really. I have other services that I want to focus on such as text marketing and real estate marketing. Plus I’m investing in real estate again. So its a win-win for everyone. I’m still available for assistance with creating your website.

So if you need my help or are interested in some of the other services offered please don’t hesitate to text me at 219-228-1372 or email me at

To your success….click here to get to learning center

What can Common Cents Consulting LLC do for you

Hi there! We are Common Cents Consulting LLC based in Schererville Indiana. We help businesses and organizations connect with customers, grow their customer base as well as have fun doing it. We offer a full range of services from web design, text (SMS) marketing services, reputation management, video marketing services, mobile apps and email marketing services.

Our mission is to help you become successful. How do we do this? Easy. We look at where your business stands today versus where you want it to be then develop an action plan that we work from to achieve the growth. We’ve found that certain types of businesses do well with text marketing while others do better with mobile apps. Video marketing can propel your business straight to the top. Some businesses need our reputation management service to restore their online reputation.

But no matter what you need we can help. Whether you need a website or a text marketing system Common Cents Consulting LLC is the right company to handle it for you. So email us or just give us call. We will be more than happy to help.


We offer several different services. All of which are related to mobile, internet and in-store marketing.  Our goal is to help businesses and organizations grow by incorporating consumer interaction within their marketing efforts.

Below is a list of our services:

Web Design

Text Marketing

Text Contests

Social Media Marketing

Online Marketing Game

Mobile App Development

Reputation Management

Online Directory Management

Video Marketing

Email Marketing


For more information on our services or to see how they can work for you call or text 219-440-4932 (4WEB) or email us at  We look forward to working with you.